The Rookery

The Rookery refers to an area in Wroats mountainsides that includes a town and the primary nesting population of Pegasi for the Pegasus Knights.

Along with the usual assortment of people and places you’d expect to find in a town, such as taverns, shops, and blacksmiths, there are the Pegasus Knight training grounds, a stables of sorts for any Pegasus that chooses to stay in town rather than make a nest in the mountainsides (typically these are either young and in training or the parents of one of the pegasi that is in training) and a population of retired Knights and Pegasi.

Because Pegasi are as intelligent as a human and their tendency to form life-long bonds with only a small number of other creatures, a Knight & their Pegasus partner are often both retired at the same time, typically whenever either one of them is no longer capable of performing their military duties, whether due to age, illness, or injury.

It is rare for a pegasus to be willing to bond with another Knight if the knight is lost, and its rarely worth it to have a Knight try to bond with a new Pegasus if their Pegasus is lost, even if the Knight is agreeable to it.
Pegasus Knight training is very specialized, and its uncommon for a Knight to have both the skills and the inclination to join a different military unit if they outlive their Pegasus.

Its generally accepted that the mindset and personalities of those who are able to bond with a Pegasus and still act as soldiers makes them poorly suited for other types of military work, and so it is very rarely pushed onto a Pegasus Knight who is not actively seeking a new assignment. Cynics generally believe this to be true only to avoid angering the Pegasi as a collective rather than an actual consideration for the soldiers themselves.

Its generally expected that any Knight & Pegasus team that doesnt die in service will retire to The Rookery, where the Pegasus will seek out a mate, and visit with the Knight on a regular basis. The Knights who retire here who are still capable of working might become trainers or develop another skill to stay busy. Those that dont work are given a modest income to live off of.

The Rookery

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