Wroatian Pegasus Knights

The Wroatian Pegasus Knights are a long standing order of warriors employed in loyal service to the royalty of Wroat. They act as messengers and body guard for important individuals, including the King when traveling.

Being selected to join the Pegasus Knights is a great honor vied for by many young nobles looking to make their mark. Typically, youths of age 12-15 are selected to begin training, and are given a Pegasus fawn as their companion. Since few Pegasus fawns are born each year, they are highly valued.

Both boys and girls of many races are selected to train as Pegasus Knights, but they all take oaths of celebacy for as long as they remain part of the order.

Pegasus knights are trained in The Rookery.

List of Pegasus Knights

Active Pegasus Knights

Fentricia Eisenwick
Talon Wanthliou

Pegasus Knights in Training

Tavain Almoran

Retired Pegasus Knights

Alfred Winchester

Deceased Pegasus Knights

Wroatian Pegasus Knights

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