The Royal Court of Wroat

The Royal Court of Wroat represents the wealthiest and most respected families in the kingdom. Those of the court have private chambers within the castle, and are often invited to exclusive events put in by the royal family and other nobles.

The Royal Court of Wroat

The Royal Family

King Boranel ir’Wynarn
Queen Elyzen ir’Wynarn
Prince Rynan ir’Wynarn the eldest son, born 1023 AV. King’s Heir.
Rynella ir’Wynarn the eldest daughter, born 1025 AV.
Sinda ir’Wynarn the 2nd daughter, born 1029 AV.
Mialia ir’Wynarn the 3rd daughter, born 1039 AV.
Timon ir’Wynarn, the 2nd son, born 1040 AV.

Royal Relatives

General Kyberg ir’Wynarn
Anastasia ir’Wynarn, Kyberg’s wife.
Princess Serene

Nobles of the Court

Celina Aranstat

The Royal Court of Wroat

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