Sarah Dalton

A Young Warlock from Fairhaven



Sarah is a half-elf who lives in Fairhaven with her father, Alvin Dalton at the Black Sheep Inn. Sarah wants nothing to do with running the inn, and outright refuses to serve or clean up after guests. She spends most of her time in the basement, studying who knows what.

Sarah knows little about her mother, other than that she was an elf, as attested to by her slightly too pointy ears. Despite nagging, her father refuses to tell her any details about her. Over the years, this has become a source of great strife between the two of them.

Current Whereabouts

Recently, Sarah and some of her childhood comrades had ventured north to Wrogar Keep, investigating a rumor. There, they discovered goblins from the Cult of Orcus who were serving a dark wizard, Kalarel. Her friends all fell at their hands, but Sarah was taken prisoner and held until being rescued by the party.

Sarah Dalton

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