of the Order of the Raven Queen


Akuu is a dark blueish purple Shardmind. He stands roughly 5’10 and weighs approximately 200lbs.

He greatly prefers to travel by riding his Tensers Floating Disk whenever possible. Exceptions to this are when there isnt enough room, when he is in combat, or when he needs to actually carry something. But regardless of what he is using it for, he is nearly always seen with his Disk.


Akuu of the Astral sea is a member of the Order of the Raven Queen.

Additionally, he is a Wizard of growing power.

Akuu views death as a gift to bring to those worthy of it. He often stops to contemplate whether someone is worthy of death, though he always reaches the same conclusion: Yes, they deserve the gift of death. The reasoning behind it changes depending on the person.

If you asked him, he would tell you, “We all deserve to die. For the wicked life should be made brief. For the rest of us, death would be a release.”

His priorities in who he would kill would be something like…
First, other shardminds, to restore the living gate. However the timing must be perfected,so that the Gods will win in the fight with the primordials once the gate is restored.
Second, enemies of the Raven Queen, with undead and Necromancers at the top of the list.
Third, anyone who would indirectly hinder the first two causes.

And finally, if all genuine enemies were destroyed, he would bring the gift of Death to his allies as well,before ending his own life.

Akuu has no desire to brutally murder,say, an entire village just to bring random Death.He believes that they will die in due course on their own without having any significant impact. He is primarily concerned with bringing Death to those who would try to avoid it through unholy means or those who would see the world brought to ruin before his plans can be completed.

His allies and friends he considers strong enough to handle the pain of life, and so allows them to go on suffering until just before it is time for him to end his own life, should he ever accomplish his goals well enough to do so.


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