Wroat Academy of Magic

The Wroat Academy of Magic, often simply referred to as The Academy, is a prestigious school for the magically talented. It is one of only a few such schools in the land, as magic is an expensive art, available only to the wealthy and those with means.

The Academy consists of five tiers of members:


A council of 7 Elders form the leadership of the Academy. They represent the most accomplished individuals in magic, and their knowledge and familiarity with the arcane is unparalleled throughout the city.
List of Elders

Master: these members have proven themselves as capable users of magic, and have shown responsibility, wisdom, and sagaciousness on many occasions. In order to attain this rank, your status must be considered by each of the school’s elders, and unanimously agreed upon that you deserve the advancement.

Masters choose Acolytes once each year for themselves. The criteria for this choosing a student is entirely up to the Master, and the decision to promote their acolyte to an adept is similarly left to the discretion of the Master.

It is said that no one ever graduates from the academy. A Master is in many senses an agent of the academy, performing missions and other tasks at the order of the school elders. The Master is only released of this duty by either leaving the school of his own accord, by which he relinquishes all ties and benefits from the school, or death.
List of Masters

Adept: once a student has proven themselves as capable in the fundamentals of their magic, and reliable enough in real world situations, they are promoted to the rank of Adept. This distinguished position has students studying under the direct guidance of the elders in more depth and nuance. It is at this rank that they are trusted with deeper secrets and greater power of the magic they are studying.
List of Notable Adepts

Acolyte: Acolytes are chosen by Masters once they have proven themselves in an annual ceremony. Often times acolytes go for many years without getting chosen by a master, and they must perfect the skills they have in order to draw attention to their. In years where there are many more acolyte candidates than the masters can handle, competition can be fierce.

Once chosen, their training may take whatever course the Master deems fit. Usually, this involves the Acolyte accompanying the Master on school business, to far away lands. However, there is no restriction in this.

The student remains an Acolyte until the Master deems them worthy of advancement. This arrangement leaves room for abuse, and is heavily reliant that the Master has the student’s best interests at heart and does not abuse their power.
List of notable Acolytes

Pupils: these are new students. They spend the majority of their time within the Academy’s many towers within Wroat, learning the basics of magic.
Many students describe their experience as Pupils as being similar to a military boot camp. They are physically, mentally, and emotionally put to the test every day, with strict guidelines and unforgiving instructors.

Admittance into the school and attendance thereafter are far from cheap. Only those from very wealthy families are able to pay the tuition, materials, and other costs. Because of this, it is not uncommon for a particularly smart or otherwise gifted individual who does not have the financial ability to attend to seek out a sponsor, someone who will support them with gold and other resources while they attend the school. Since wealthy merchants or philanthropists will invest money into promising young prodigies in as a sponsor.
List of notable Pupils

Wroat Academy of Magic

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