Stormhome Seasonal Auction

Famous for trade, it is only natural that Stormhome sees many interesting items pass through it. Once per season, the wealthy merchants and tradesmen, or anyone with spare coin, gather for an auction of expensive, interesting, and sometimes powerful artifacts and items of interest.

Autumn auction: Held on the 72nd day of Autumn
Starting bids:

Ioun Stones:
Minor blue rhomboid 3000gp SOLD for 6500gp to a bulky, heaviliy scarred human barbarian, Mahvin Hedgins
Minor Sky blue frustum: 4500gp SOLD for 9500gp to a robed companion to the scarred warrior, an elvish wizard, Yttis Hallor
Major Onyx Rhomboid: 15,000gp
Cracked Brown Cube (no petrify): 4000gp
Bright Orange and Yellow Sphere: 25,000gp
Flawed Crimson cone (also decreases your max Dex by 2): 36,000gp

Art and artifacts

Porcelein Hydra (from Xen’drik): 3000gp
Obsidian Hippogriff: (Xen"drik): 4500gp
Castle of flame (sculpture of a great keep made completely out of molded fire): 6000gp
Statue of Gromme(life size stone statue of a fierce orc warlord): 5000gp

Scorched Stone (painting of dragon battle) 25,000gp
Fields of Grain (a panoramic featuring all terrain types of Khorvaire): 18,000gp
Endless Sea (artists rendition of the Farplane): 40,000gp

Other magical wonders

Moonpearl chest (floats behind you): 2500gp SOLD for 7500gp to a fat merchant
Radiant star (provides constant bright sun light): 800gp
Sail of the sky (special airship sail): 6000gp
Pouch of moon Pearl(10g): 800gp SOLD for 1100gp to Duke Telrii
Goblet of never-ending Ale: 6500gp SOLD for 9000gp, to a group of dwarves
Scroll of Scrying: 4000gp
Scroll of Sunburst: 80,000gp

Stormhome Seasonal Auction

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