House Rules

1: Return of Cantrip Amanuensis Was removed between leaked phb and official release.
Cantrip, casting time 1 minute, range 30 feet. Copy a set of NON-MAGICAL text, a scene, pictures, or an image, onto a surface. Copied as if written by a master scribe or artist.
(brails note: would not be a valid form of forgery,as it does not match handwriting, water marks, special inks,etc that would be used to identify a page.Would be helpful for very quick and well written notes or pictures, such as “i found a corpse, rather than write down what it looks like, i will use amanuensis to copy an image of it down to show the guards” )

2: Illusory Proxy:
Level 3 Illusion
Casting time: 1 hour
Range: Touch
Components: V,S,M
Materials: A locket containing a silver mirror, worth at least 250 gold
Duration: Until dispelled
Description: You Spend an hour looking into the mirror while chanting this spell. At the end of the casting, an illusory duplicate of yourself is created. The illusion is a perfect replica of you and any items you are carrying.
While you are wearing the locket, you can use your action to transfer your consciousness into the illusion as long as you are on the same plane. While in the illusion, you have your normal senses, can move freely as long as you stay within 500 feet of the area the casting took place. The proxy does remain an illusion and is unable to interact with physical objects beyond speaking.
While inhabiting the illusion, you are blind and deaf regarding your physical body, though you can still feel yourself being shaken,etc.Higher level spell slots for better effects, see chart at

3: Familiar Harrier; Your familiar adds your proficiency bonus to its AC, attack, and damage rolls. Your familiar can spend its action to distract an adjacent creature, which must make a con (concentration) save, or egrants grants advantage to attack rolls, and disadvantage on saving throws until the start of its next turn.
In addition, you can resummon a fallen familiar in 30 minutes instead of 1 hour, and without expending components as long as you have a brass brazier.

4: Wolfwoods crazy stuff who the hell knows

5: New requested spell(requires DM approval/edits): Selective Amnesia. Level 4? Enchantment. Range: Touch. One creature you touch makes an Int save.
Success; they are aware of your casting an enchantment on them.
Failure: You create a selective amnesia within the target. You designate a specific set of knowledge, and a set of conditions under which they remember that knowledge. Under all other conditions, they completely forget the entire set of knowledge.
If the target learns new information that fits into the knowledge set, it forgets this after 1hr if the condition for remembering is not met.
For example, “you will only remember your interactions with me when you are interacting with me amicably or following me orders.” or “you will forget all you know of the subject unless you are speaking with me or one of my allies.”
Duration: 24hrs
At higher levels: 5th or 6th: lasts 1 month. 7th out 8th: lasts 1 year. 9th until dispelled.
Special: You can ignore the Int save if you convince the target to agree to this spell, such as by paying them or threatening them effectively.
If the target has this spell removed through magical means, they remember all the information

6. Custom feat: Ambassador

  • +1 cha
  • Gain proficiency in persuasion.
  • Before you make a persuasion check, you may attempt an int check opposed by an insight check of whomever you are persuading.
    On a success, gain advantage on the persuasion check.

Level 2 spell: Automate Object.
Range:Touch Casting Time: 1 Action V,S,M Materials: Silver dust worth at least 50 gold. Duration: Until dispelled.
You animate a single object to perform a harmless task related to its design.
Brooms can sweep floors, bellows will puff, measuring tapes can unfurl and re-curl as needed, a rack+whetstone combo could sharpen blades, etc.
You may choose a command word at the time of casting; Speak this word, followed by some basic instructions, such as ‘sweep this corner,’ ‘chop the grass between these four posts’ etc.

House Rules

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