Tomfoolery in Eberron

The northen Island: Stormhome
Hunt for the Moon Pearl (and other adventures)

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Our adventurers were tasked to claim the Moon Pearl by Kobin Trenzela .

They went to Stormhome, at which point they encountered a small horde of murlocs raiding the trade city. During the ensuing battle they came across a group of five dwarven adventurers who assisted in driving off the horde.

They spent the night recovering at Duke Telrii mansion.

Both part of adventurers then were tasked with destroying the murloc threat.
Not wishing to share the spoils of victory our party rushed off to face the challenge without the dwarves.

After dealing with the murloc threat the adventurers hired a boat to venture to The Gauntlet of Seahanine (Goddess of Trickery and Illusion).

Therein they claimed the Moon Pearl and Obsidian Dust.

Afterwards the party returned to the Sharpfin Clan (of which they held control of). To check in upon their wards.

Then they returned to Stormhome and were assaulted by a flock of harpies. Defeating the attackers they claimed an orb that allowed communication with the Harpy Queen.

At the city they chartered a fishing boat to carry them on a two day voyage to the Bluegill Clan, wherein they assaulted and dominated the murlocs therein, defeating the Naga leader of the clan. In doing so they discovered a map that showed the locations of various murloc clans that were free or conquered by the naga.

Returning to town they rested, restocked and began gathering information upon harpies and murlocs. The adventurers used a sending spell to contact Kobin who sent a royal Pegasus rider to claim the moon pearl and obsidian dust as well as provide payment for their services.

Afterwards they scouted out the Harp Territories with the assistance of the Pegasus Rider. Locating the harpy’s nests and estimating their forces to be in the range of a couple hundred.

Chapter 1: Ghalt
Humble beginnings

Four heroes find themselves occupying the jail in the small rural town of Ghalt. They become a shitty DnD group.


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