Alston Stumbleduck Garrick

A forest Gnome Assassin from Zilargo


Meet Alston Stumbleduck Garrick, a Forest Gnome Rogue (Assassin*) from the city of Korranberg in Zilargo. He is a member of The Trust assigned to gather information and influence events in Aundair as he sees fit to advance the causes of Zilargo and its people. He does not exist in any official political capacity, instead sent as a spy/troublemaker of sorts. His standing orders are to gather information about Aundair, Stay the hell out of the notice of any major players in Aundair, and cause trouble, in that order.

Alston grew up in a Noble’s home in Korranberg. As a pupil, he quickly showed a knack for knowing the details of any situation, and being found in the right place. WIth some assistance from well-placed teachers and elders, he was able to train and eventually be added as a member of the Trust. Primarily serving as a local, secret police force, the Trust also operate as an intelligence branch of Zilargo. Ideally he would have some way to keep in touch with his friends back in Zilargo, though I haven’t thought out exactly what that might be. As a person of a noble family, he is able to keep his occupation in The Trust secret, and go about his business.


Alston Stumbleduck Garrick

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