Tomfoolery in Eberron

What is the structural integrity of a pearl?

and we will need to pick out the Best Manticore and Harpy of Honor

A group of harpies, along with two pet manticores, assault our heroes in an attempt to take the rest of their shinies. One of them seems to think this will impress their queen if they can kill these intruders.

The manticores have their gravity inverted and don’t know how to fly upside down.

After dispatching the crude attack, they approach the happy queen with their gifts of marbles, cotton, and goats. The queen gloats that she could call her flock at any time to to them to shreds, and Wolfwood has a starting contest with her guard manticore.

The queen explains that their previous home in Aundair, the star peaks, where invaded by Perytons, odd birds with the head of a stag, who consume hearts to reproduce and are resistant to the non magical weapons of the harpies.

At one point, the queen stands up, leaving the black sphere she used to communicate with her flock in her throne. Some quick mage handing and some tiefling magical darkness mileage later, the queen is sphereless and much more apprehensive and afraid of the group since she can no longer call down her flock to protect her.

Promises of a mutually beneficial alliance were made. The harpies didn’t understand the concept of marriage, but agreed to one between the queen and Merser when it was explained to them.

As a gesture of good faith, the party offers to take care of some giant apes that occupy some of the territory the harpies would like to expand to. Using their baby giant gorilla as bait, and overwhelming numbers of spiders, harpies, and flaming assholes, they easily dispatch the pair of monkeys.


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