Tomfoolery in Eberron

71st day of Autumn

The adventurers made their way towards the Harpy Home where Merser found himself charmed by the song

of one of the aforementioned creatures. Finding himself lured towards the creature, Mercer began walking towards the

cliff’s edge. But the playing of Ringo’s music with his… cowbell… cured Mercer of this sudden infatuation. Greeting the

harpy Mercer attempted negotiations with the cliff guard. Which seemed to go poorly, Mercer was persuaded to restrain his

urge to incinerate the poor creature by the wise words of Akuu. Who then attempted to patch up the negotiations and perhaps

further the goal of peace. Despite seeming to go well the harpy was rather obsessed with eatting Murlocs more than making

friends with them, an unfortunate turn of circumstances but the guard did take several of the lighter shiny gifts and the

group’s message to the queen.
Continuing on their path towards the Queen Harpy’s nest they were passed over by a shadow that turned out to be a

passing Manticore. Mercer quickly positioned himself to lead from the middle of the group… Further along the path the

party decides to have Wolfwood climb a nearby spire to survey the land, he stands in awe of the beautifull terrain before

the rest of the group shouts at him to drop a rope for Thamior so that he can take a look as well. Upon reaching the top he

spots a large nest of harpies.
Meanwhile Akuu took a moment to check up on the Sharpfin Cave via his illusionary proxy where he noted that the Sharpfin

and Bluegill clans were both being segratory towards each other. Not intermingling or socializing with each other at all.

After giving the murlocs a bit of a peptalk Akuu’s attention returned to his body and he conveyed the social problems of

the murlocs to the rest of the party. Akuu, after speaking to the party to no luck for a solution, decided to try and have

the Sharpfin’s musician’s play for the two clans hoping to solve some of the awkwardness of the lack of mingling.
Ringo then decided to go bounding ahead up the mountain for scouting purposes to go leaping ahead. Wolfwood goes

sprinting along after him and manages to barely keep even with Ringo’s antics. As they leaped ahead they encountered in a

valley, several harpies and a pair of manticores. One of which came and roared at Wolfwood who… wisely witheld his urge

to slaughter it. Ringo took a moment to look around and spotted a pair of harpies with a net held between them.
When the party catches up, one of the harpy’s demands the party hand over it’s shinies to which Akuu explains such would

be a bad idea… The harpy did not seem impressed at first until Akuu implied that he’d be happy to display their corpses

to the Harpy Queen. Negotiations crumble and the harpies order the attack upon our adventurers.


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